Secrets to Launching a More Successful Book Marketing Plan

Are you planning your book marketing campaign? Are you confused about where to start? Here are some questions you should ask yourself and adequately answer before you launch out.

1: Who is your target audience—what segment of people would most likely seek out a book like this one?

2: Where do these people hang out, what do they read, where do they buy books?

3: What is the best way to approach these readers? What promotional tactics are they most likely to respond to?

The comprehensive answers to these questions could help you immensely in devising your marketing plan and in preparing yourself to implement it.

You may hope that thousands of mystery readers will find your book at and immediately buy it. But how will they find it when it is hidden there amidst thousands of other mysteries…many by authors who are well-known? You may expect readers to discover your amazing website and buy your wonderful book featuring aviation museums throughout the world. But what will drive them there? How will they learn about your site and your book?

A good step in promoting your book is to prominently showcase it, but no one is going to find it without some direction. And people who stumble across it, may not buy it if they’ve never heard of you.

That’s why I suggest going out among your potential readers in person, through the websites and blogs they frequent, through the publications they read, using your professional-looking handouts, etc. Introduce yourself and your book to many, many groups and individuals over and over again, continuously. Strive to become a household name and to make your book unforgettable among potential readers.

Again, how do you do this? By knowing who your audience is, where they go, what they read, which sites they visit and so forth. And then show up with your book.

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  1. Kevin Says:

    Nice article… I would really agree that in publishing/creating a book you should know who are your Target market/audience, you should always keep in mind to what type of people that book for, by identifying this you will know on whom you should dedicate the book.

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