Sell More Books Through Your Personality

If you’re not going out and speaking to groups about your book, you could be missing out on sales. I’ve heard authors say, “I’m not doing any more signings, I don’t sell enough books to make it worth my while.” Or “There’s no sense in spending my time speaking to groups, they never buy many books.”

Well, how many books do you sell when you stay home and watch television?

It’s true, you don’t always sell as many books as you hope when you go out and speak. On the other hand, sometimes you sell more than you expect to. And have you ever considered the other benefits of speaking to groups about your book? Here are a few:

• You get practice talking about your book. This is important if you want to stay on top of your marketing game.

• You get ideas for future presentations, blogs, articles/stories, your elevator speech and even additional books.

• You meet people with connections to library or bookstore sales, media, other groups that need speakers, conferences and so forth.

• It’s usually a fun, inspiring and interesting way to spend a few hours.

This week, why not start seeking new speaking opportunities through a local bookstore or library, at a specialty store related to the theme or topic of your book, at a church, for a civic group or organization, at a school or at a planned community event. If your presentation is conducive to the corporate sector, connect with hotels in your area and perhaps you can get on their list of programs to consider for their next big conference or convention. Locate clubs and organizations in the front pages of your phone book or at your Chamber of Commerce of city website.

Sure, you might only sell three to three dozen copies of your book at each event you schedule. But that’s still more than you would sell if you did nothing. Here’s a challenge: Plan three signings this year, speak at an event at your local library, have a booth at a flea market or book festival, present programs for three civic groups and you could sell dozens or hundreds of copies of your book. You could make meaningful connections that would result in additional opportunities and sales. And you could just have a really good time.

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