How to Start and Maintain an Active Blog

Most mornings I have no problem coming up with a message to share via this blog. Other times, I don’t feel so inspired. Well, how many of you have written 1,749 posts or articles over a period of 7 ½ years? Yes, this is post number 1,750. At this rate, I will reach number 2,000 by the end of the year.

Some people think it is amazing that someone could maintain a blog at this pace. Others think it’s rather crazy. Why do I do it? Why do I suggest that other authors take time out of their day or week to post blogs pertinent to their book topic or genre? It’s another good way to get exposure for your book(s), to gain credibility in your field or genre, to attract customers/readers and to give something of value to your potential readers.

It may seem daunting to be responsible for writing a blog post every day or even every week. But think about it, if you could write a whole book, if you can write promotion copy, if you can write articles/stories for publication and speeches, you can probably come up with topics to maintain a valuable and/or entertaining blog.

Here are some tips to help you get started and that will also serve to give you more confidence as a blogger:

• Dissect your book and see how many subjects and sub-topics you can list.

• Dissect these subjects even more, slice and dice them into miniscule topics.

• Study other books and articles on your topic and come up with even more ideas.

• Study other blogs to see what others are talking about. Read their comments to learn what their readers are interested in.

• Learn to take small topics and write big about them.

• Practice creating several posts on one sub-topic.

• Ask friends to help you come up with blog topics. Bring together a group of good friends, a little wine, a few snacks and just watch the ideas flow.

Learn more about starting and maintaining a blog as well as article/story-writing as a way to build your platform—your credibility—and get more exposure for your books in my books: Publish Your Book, Promote Your Book and Talk Up Your Book. All three books are at available in print, kindle and audio.

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