An Education for New and Struggling Authors

I’d like to share a couple of reviews for my book “Promote Your Book, Over 250 Proven, Low-Cost Tips and Techniques for the Enterprising Author.” And these are reviews from people I don’t know.
“This book is amazing for a number of reasons. One is that it is SO to the point; no words wasted, no fillers, just straight-forward information about how to promote your book. The second reason is the sheer quantity of ideas—staggering. Makes you feel like there is no way you and your book can fail. And third—an unbelievable list of resources like websites and periodicals.

I am putting a book proposal together and need to list marketing/promotion ideas. I feel this is the only book I need to read to accomplish this.

Furthermore, and this is truly a gift, you can hire Patricia Fry to help you with any aspect of your book!

In reading the book I get a sense about Patricia Fry: tremendous power, creativity, integrity and resourcefulness.

Highly recommended!

Here’s another one: “As a new author myself, I am intensely interested in finding good ways to promote my book. This book was very helpful to me. There were many new ideas in it that I had never considered or thought about. It was easy to read, with a good table of contents so you could easily find any particular aspect of publishing and marketing you wanted. I especially liked the references to the various web sites I could explore on the internet to help me market my book. This was well worth the money I spent.”

I assume these and the other reviews are helpful as sales for this book are UP.

There are numbers of reasons why you should write your book and this is one of them that I enjoy—having nice things said about you and your work. But most of all, I am thrilled to be able to help other authors. When the personal computer revolution and the digital printing phenomenon collided in the mid to late 1990s, and so many people jumped on the book-writing wagon, I began meeting dozens of them who felt they had failed. Each of them had a different story, but the basics were quite similar. The bottom line for most of them was. they had no idea about how to handle themselves and their projects with regard to the publishing industry. They didn’t understand it. And they certainly had no clue about the vast aspect of publishing known as book promotion.

My heart went out to these authors who had spent their money on their dreams and failed. That’s when I began my mission to educate the new authors bent on entering this highly competitive field before they got involved. As most of you know, I’d been writing for publication by then for about 25 years and had a few books under my belt.

I wrote my first book for authors in 2000 and I’ve attempted to keep new and struggling authors updated and informed through my writing and speaking ever since. If you are new to the industry, please do yourself a favor and read “Publish Your Book” and “Promote Your Book.” And congratulations, by the way, for following this blog. This is another good thing you can do for yourself.

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