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It used to be that the main question authors asked me about blogging was, “What is a blog?” Now the two questions I get most often are, “What will I write in my blog?” and, “How will I promote my blog?” Yesterday I covered the former. Today, let’s discuss the latter.

Promote a blog pretty much the same way you would promote a book. Here are 15 ideas:
• Tell people about it
• Add the link to your promo material (brochures, business cards, bookmarks, handouts when giving presentations and so forth).
• Add the link to your bio at the bottom of the articles you write or stories you submit to magazines and newsletters.
• Comment at blog site on the same topic as yours and include your blog link.
• Have your blog included in directories of blogs on particular topics—writing, history, fiction, romance, etc.
• Create a “signature” for your outgoing emails and make sure the link to your blog is included.
• Enter your blog in contests for added recognition.
• Twitter your blog topics each time you post.
• Use FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc. to promote your blog.
• Use keywords in your title that will attract higher ratings with Google.
• Post your blog link at your page, Twitter profile page and so forth.
• Print your blog link in your book when it is published.
• Add your link to freebies you give at your website.
• Have clear links from your website to your blog site.
• Ask others at appropriate sites to link to your blog.

What are some of your ideas for promoting your blog? We’d like to hear them. Leave a comment.

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