Effectively Promote Your Book Through Your Blog

After an event where I speak, such as the one last weekend in Rancho Mirage, California, I often get questions from attendees. Well, I solicit questions. I let folks know that I have an “open door” email policy. And when I hear from these authors and hopeful authors, I do my best to respond in a helpful way to their questions and concerns. Yesterday, a gentleman wrote and asked me: “Are there proven ways to effectively use a blog for promotion?”

Here’s the gist of my response:

I’m not sure that there are any “proven” ways. However, certainly, some bloggers have been successful with a particular approach when selling a specific type of book to a particular audience. I can’t imagine there being a blanket technique that would work for all bloggers/authors and all books, except, of course, be helpful, give what you can by way of resources and other materials and be consistent.

If you blog haphazardly—only once in a while, for example—you won’t have as many followers as you will when you have a consistent and frequent blogging schedule.

Here’s what I suggested to this author. Find some of the most successful bloggers on the Internet who are promoting books and material like yours. Isolate those bloggers that are getting the most comments, that are ranked high in a google search, etc. Then follow them. Find out what they are doing different to make their blog so popular. In other words, spy on your competition.

Is there anything you would add to this response?

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