Let Newsletter Editors Help You Promote Your Book

This week I contacted around 45 editors of magazines and newsletters for authors. You see, authors comprise my audience for several of my books, including my latest one, “Talk Up Your Book.” In press release style (or media release, as they refer to it now), I introduced this book to editors, shared a few features and the benefits for published authors and asked the editors to review it for their publication. I also attached the ebook so they would have it at their fingertips. (Of course, most of the editors knew me because I have been writing articles for them—directed at my audience—for years as an expert in my field.)

The response has been quite exciting. Already, I’ve received enthusiastic emails from editors who can’t wait to read the book and write reviews. Some have asked me for articles so they can feature the book. A couple have already posted it as their recommended book for the month. Already, I notice that Amazon sales are up from what they were last week.

If you have a nonfiction book to promote, don’t overlook the great opportunities for promotion in magazines and newsletters related to the topic/theme of your book. Many of them are eager for information, news and resources that will help, educate, inform and/or entertain their audiences. And if you are already known to the editors through your article submissions, for example, they will be even more eager to promote what you produce.

If you are an author with a book to promote, you need this book in your library. It’s “Talk Up Your Book, How to Sell Your Book Through Public Speaking, Interviews, Signings, Festivals Conferences and More.” You will learn how to locate and how to create opportunities to speak to your audience, tips and techniques for more successful public speaking and communication experiences, how to sell more books at book festivals, how to get speaking gigs as an expert at appropriate conferences and more. You’ll also learn how to get involved in webinars, podcasts and radio/TV interviews.

If you’ve been promoting a book for long, you know how important the personal approach is. Become more adept at presenting in person whether to a large group or one-on-one. Order your copy of “Talk Up Your Book” today. (Soon to be on Kindle.) Read the 10 5-star reviews! http://amzn.to/ZMJndK

And start today contacting newsletters and magazines in your topic and negotiating some publicity for your amazing book.

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