A Writer’s Creative Outlets

When you aren’t writing, what are you doing? I mean aside from those things you have to do such as work, clean house, prepare meals, run errands, pay bills, exercise and so forth… When you take a break from your writing project, what activity are you most likely to pursue?

If you spend any time writing, you surely experience an occasional case of writer’s block. You need to step back from your novel or an intense article sometimes for perspective. Or you may just need a break from writing. If you’re like most writers, I doubt that you spend that time in front of the TV, unless it is for research. Many of you read, right?

I’m at my computer writing, researching for writing projects, working with clients, organizing an activity/event for SPAWN, preparing for a speaking engagement or… on average, 10 hours per day, five or six days every week. Generally, on those days when I do leave my home office, I work 4 or 5 hours. And when I need a break from the writing process I will choose another creative activity. Gardening is one of my creative activities of choice, as is photography. I also enjoy sewing and needlework. Occasionally, I’ll feel like engaging in culinary creativity rather than just throwing a meal together because it is time to eat. Sometimes my break involves meditation walking—a brisk walk during which I quiet my mind and either contemplate or open myself up to answers from the universe.

So my question today, especially since we’re in a creative season, what creative endeavors do you pursue when you have taken a step back from your writing?

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