Use Your Expertise to Get Publicity for Your Book

Yesterday we talked about getting your book reviewed in newspaper columns. If you missed that blog post, and you have a book to promote, you really ought to go back and read it.

Today, I want to remind you that you are considered an expert on the topic of your nonfiction book and you should be taking advantage of that fact. How?

Contact some of those newspaper columnists we talked about yesterday and suggest they interview you on a topic related to your book. If your book isn’t out yet, you can still do some interviews on the subject of your writing to help get your name out there as an expert and to let people know your book is coming.

Use the links in my August 12, 2012 post to locate newspapers with columns related to your topic. Perhaps you are putting together a book on quilting, many newspapers have home decorating or crafts columns. If your book features hood ornaments for vintage cars, contact writers for automotive or history columns. Are you writing about local history, the dog show circuit, how to sell your home, business start-ups in tough times, a true crime, the craft of writing, innovative aircraft designers, the art of making jewelry, the grieving process or traveling, there is probably a column for that.

Email the columnist an overview of your expertise and give him/her some examples of interview questions they could ask you. Mention other interviews you’ve done and where they were posted.

What will you do with these columns once they are published? Post them at your website on your media page. Mention them in your blog, on your facebook page and in your promo material. Use them to land speaking invitations once your book is finished.

If you are featured in newspaper columns in Wichita, Portland and Bar Harbor, be sure to do some pointed promotion in those cities. Local bookstores might even carry your book if they know you have piqued the interest of their customers.

Once you produce a nonfiction book, you could be considered an expert on that topic. Use this to your advantage in promoting your book.

For more about publishing and book promotion, read my two latest books, Publish Your Book and Promote Your Book. Both are available at and most other online and downtown bookstores.

If you’re wondering which of the many books on publishing and book promotion to read, consider that I developed a career as a writer and publisher over 3 decades ago. I’ve been working in this industry for much of my life. I’m not a newcomer like so many people out there now jumping on the bandwagon.

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