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Paws Up for Wednesday – Cats Who Come Home For the Holidays

I told you about the sweet mackerel tabby that had found his way to our house big time recently. I mean, he was all over us and even sneaked inside a time or two when we were coming or going. … Continue reading

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Mindful Monday Becomes Meowy Monday

If you’ve been reading the Catscapades blog posts for long, you will recognize this as a change. Yes, changes are a-coming. You see, I started this blog in March of 2009—over 12 years ago. I’ve made over 3,000 posts, which … Continue reading

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Frivolous Friday – Intentional and Happenstance in Cat Photography

You know that I enjoy photography and I sometimes whine when I can’t get the shot I want with the cats. I guess photography is like everything else with cats, it’s all up to the cat—on the cat’s timeline, depending … Continue reading

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Thoughts for Thursday – National Cat Lovers Month

December is National Cat Lovers’ Month. As the organizers say in their promo, this is the month when we have the opportunity to honor the beauty, smarts, and sass of our feline friends. And this month there might be a … Continue reading

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Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Your Cat’s Body is Talking

Do you know what your cat is saying to you? I imagine you know her cues for when she wants food, your spot on the couch, or attention. One of our former cats, Winfield, always checked his kibbles bowl before … Continue reading

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