Wild (and Sometimes Crazy) Wednesday – Your Cat’s Body is Talking

Do you know what your cat is saying to you? I imagine you know her cues for when she wants food, your spot on the couch, or attention. One of our former cats, Winfield, always checked his kibbles bowl before we’d go to bed. If he could see the bottom of the bowl, he’d stand at the bowl and stare into it until we poured more kibbles. So before bedtime we checked Winfield to see if we needed to fill the kibbles bowl.

Olivia tears their water fountain apart when the water isn’t flowing. (We unplug it when we leave the house for any length of time.) Of course there’s water in it and there are two other bowls of water in the house, but when she wants fresh running water, she wants fresh running water and, when that isn’t happening, she will launch a protest by vandalizing the machine.

There are certain stances and looks and activities your cat engages in that you recognize immediately and there are some we never quite figure out. Olivia, for example, always reaches one paw up toward my shoulder and pats me before jumping up onto my lap when I’m in my office chair. I assume this is a show of affection or maybe she’s just letting me know she’s coming up. I don’t know, but it is charming.

Here are some examples of your cat’s body language that maybe you didn’t understand before.


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