Newsday Tuesday – Cats That Come Hungry

We had visits from a new cat over the weekend. A handsome boldly-striped tabby stopped by for a little food and a lot of petting.

Does this happen where you live? It doesn’t happen to us very often, but it happens. The first time we entertained what we thought was a stray was shortly after we moved into this house (over 30 years ago). The cat seemed needy. He was a cute, fluffy tangerine cat who told us he had no home and he was starving for affection and food. Turns out the little devil was a complete scammer. One morning we found him sitting on our porch as usual, but there was something unusual about him. He was wearing a post-it note on his forehead that said, “Don’t feed me. I belong to Tyler.” We looked up and there was Tyler and Mary waving at us from across the street. Nice way to meet neighbors.

Mary was the first person I called when the pretty tabby showed up this week. She has a lot of cats. This one, she said, was not hers.

We walked around the neighborhood trying to find this cat’s people. We posted a notice and his picture on facebook. Yesterday we took him to the Humane Society to find out if he had a chip. We didn’t know if he lived around the corner or if he had escaped from someone who was traveling through. There are so many possible scenarios. Turns out he does have a chip. The owner did not answer the phone, however, when the humane society reception called, so we left the sweet boy in hopes that he will be reunited with his family. I would have liked to know for sure he was going home and that he hasn’t been abandoned. I can only hope.

Are you a magnet for runaway or lost kittens and cats? How many of them have you kept? Over many years, I have to say I’ve kept maybe half dozen cats that showed up at my doorstep.

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4 Responses to Newsday Tuesday – Cats That Come Hungry

  1. Pearl T Hilden says:

    ALL 7 of our cats over the years turned up at our front door and eventually moved in! We also had an orange tabby come to the Hilden Cateteria in the garage to enjoy the variety of kibbles we had, along with water and a litter box!
    Right now, we have our neighbor’s black cat, Hagel, come for breakfast almost every morning. This morning, he came for seconds as he mewed outside the screen door.

  2. Kathleen M Schoggins says:

    IV kept 2 I knew where they came from. One came from 2 doors down and was only 6 months old and gave berth to two stillborn kittens on my patio. She looked like my calico Katie only smaller so I called her lilbit and saved up my money to get her fixed, she still lived at neighbor house at the time, when I took her to the clinic she was already pregnant with another problem pregnancy and the vet said if I hadn’t brought her in she would have died in a few more days. I got her fixed and she was on three medications for three weeks I knew she wouldn’t get the care she needed so I kept her in my house for those3weeks and when I let her out the neighbors called her she came running back to my house. They told me to kick her to make her leave. I told them no way a d now she belongs to me. They said they would call the cops so I handed them the phone and said go ahead but IV got the vet paper work and she now belongs to me. I had my lilbit for 20 years. Jack my smashed face tuxedo cat was left when my other neighbor left him when they moved he was 5 years old and never been outside I had him for 16 years.

    • Patricia says:

      What a story–well, two remarkable and heartwarming kitty-cat stories. Bless you for caring and for sticking up for these sweet kitty-beings. We all need to be more like you.


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