Paws Up for Wednesday – Support Your Local Cat Shelter

Monday we discussed what you can do to protect the feral cats and homeless neighborhood cats. If you aren’t aware of needy cats in your area, and you’d like to help cats, consider reaching out to one or more local cat shelters. These shelters are not typically run by someone with unlimited funds, and the expenses for running a shelter can be higher than you might think. Here’s a site that explains how much it can cost to start an animal shelter.

Then there’s the ongoing costs for housing, supplies, food, and let’s not forget medical care. Many of the cats come to the shelter with injuries or other medical challenges. For this reason, most shelters (if not all of them) have staff who promote fund-raisers to help sustain the shelter and take care of expensive surgeries and other treatments for cats. This is where you and I can come in—Donate to your favorite cat shelter when you can. Adopt from the shelter and encourage others to do the same. Donations can come in the form of volunteering your time, supplies, food, and more. Start your own drive to collect needed items—blankets, food, new toys, litter. Money is always appreciated.

I’d love to hear from those of you who have unique ways of supporting your local shelter(s).


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