Feline Fun Friday – Are Cats Really Aloof?

It used to be that the cat’s nature, when compared to that of a dog, was described as aloof (distant, detached, unfriendly, remote, unapproachable, snooty). Does this describe your cat(s)? I didn’t think so. There’s new evidence and beliefs about cats that discount this premise. I don’t know about you, but I’m awfully glad to see this. Sure, we’ve all known cats that seem more discerning than others. They’ll take their time to make friends and maybe they won’t greet you each time you come home from work or play. But what about those many times your cat curls up next to you or in your lap and gives you that look that says, “I love you more than catnip—you are my everything?”

What about when your cat follows you everywhere you go—into the kitchen, to your office, even the bathroom? That’s not being aloof. Does she sleep on your bed next to you, need to be close—even touching you when you’re relaxing, stare into your eyes and give you that endearing slow blink? Does she bring you her toys, fall over in front of you as you walk across a room and roll over showing her tummy? Does she head-butt you, lick you, give you whisker-face kisses, invite a belly-rub? Yeah, that’s not aloofness.

Olivia even dances around our feet when we retrieve her catnip or when we’re fixing her supper. I swear she becomes puppy-like at times.

Here’s an interesting and validating article about the myth that cats are aloof. Enjoy:


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