Meowy Monday – Provide a Cozy House for an Outdoor Cat

Winter’s not over yet and there are still cats living out of doors without shelter. You may be aware of some in your neighborhood, and you want to help, but how? Build or buy a cat shelter. You can purchase one for anywhere from $20 to $140. Some of them come with a heating element. Or you can add straw to help keep the cat warm. In case you know of a cat in your neighborhood that needs shelter, I’ve provided a link to cat shelters rated best of the best for outdoor cats. Check them out. If you know a cat that needs one and you can’t afford it, pass the hat. Surely there are others who care about the homeless cats in your neighborhood—cats that are only trying to survive.

This site shows how to make a winter shelter for cats. Yes, you can make them from storage bins, Styrofoam coolers, or even random pieces of wood. Remember to use straw for extra warmth.

If you don’t see something at these sites that you can manage, keep researching and be proactive. If the construction of the shelter is outside your realm of abilities, contact local high schools. What a great project for a woodshop class. Or involve a local Boy Scout or Girl Scout club. Bring together neighborhood dads and kids. This could be a worthwhile and gratifying project for children—learning to care for and about animals.

I’d love to hear your successes helping homeless cats survive the winter.

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