Paws Up for Wednesday – Who Loves Cats?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why humans are attracted to cats (or dogs or iguanas)? Is it a certain personality who falls in love with cats? There are those who believe our housecats remind us of wild cats—tigers, lions and cheetahs—and that’s the allure for some.

Well, I did some research and here’s what I learned from the experts: There can be a very strong bond between highly emotional people and cats. So maybe that’s part of what brings some people together with cats. Think about it.

Maybe curious and creative people are more attracted to cats. There is something intriguing about the unpredictability of the cat—don’t you think so?

Cats are cute. Some say even grown cats share features with human babies—those large eyes and playful-ness.

Cats are ridiculously entertaining and charming. They respond to us. Those of us who love our cats, certainly adore that part of having cats around. They give us head-butts, those long stares, comforting sounds, and cuddles.

Cats make us smile and feel good. You’ve probably read where there are actually health benefits to hanging around with cats.

Did you know that cat-people are better able to handle stress? At least one report says that people who have never been around cats are 40% more likely to die of a heart attack.

Yes, I find being around cats relaxing and soothing. They make me feel happy inside and I think they teach us how to relax. Did you know they also help us to have the capacity to receive affection?

Here’s an article I found in Psychology Today. It covers some of these points and others. Isn’t it comforting to know that something you adore—a lifestyle with cats, is so good for you in so many ways?


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