Feline Fun Friday — NEW Calico Cat Mystery

Olivia finds double the trouble in this spirited story.

Olivia auditions for a part in a movie and ends up getting the cat-lead. At the same time she and Parker become involved in helping a commune of homeless people to manage a colony of homeless cats. Tensions run high and danger lurks near when someone sabotages their efforts to help the feral cats. Behind the scenes, Olivia rescues two helpless animals from a house fire and she disarms a gunman intent on killing Jag. Olivia is catnapped and she’s targeted by a sniper, but the show must go on and it does. This story has a surprise ending and Olivia has her paw in making it happen.

Readers Reviews

“I’ve read books from both of Patricia’s series and they are purr-fect reads.”

“Love the Olivia stories.”

“I’ve been reading both the Klepto Cat and the Calico Cat series and haven’t missed one.”

“Olivia and Archie are my favorite characters.”


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