Meowy Monday – Dress Your Pet Day

You missed it. Dress Your Pet Day was yesterday, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it if you want to. But does your pet want to be dressed? Have you ever had a cat you could put a bonnet on or a shirt or a sun suit? Did you dress your cats as a child?

I’ve never had a willing cat, but I’ve known people who did and who took advantage of it. Why? I’m not sure, but I guess for fun. I have friends who dress their dogs and it is kind of cute. People but vests and pet coats on their animals in winter. And people strap harnesses and life jackets around their cats and dogs for safety while traveling or adventuring. I sat at a dinner table one year at the Cat Writers Association Conference across from a white rat on a harness and leash. That was one well-behaved tablemate.

So why a “dress your pet day”? You might also ask, why “an if you pet had thumbs day”. The creator of this day says it’s just for fun and she encourages people to dress their pets in safe and fun pet costumes. How do you feel about this—yay or nay? I can give you Olivia’s vote. She believes she’s already dressed up in her fur coat of many (calico) colors.


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