Paws up for Wednesday – What Are Your Cat’s Peculiarities?

Call them traits, characteristics, idiosyncrasies or quirks, it seems every cat has them. If you’ve had several cats over the years you know this. Each and every one of your cats has come with or developed something different about them, and you may wonder, “Is this normal?”

We had a cat that drank water with his paw, one that preferred drinking from the spigot, and even a cat that took a mouthful of kibbles from the bowl and spread them on the floor before eating them.

Lily loved Beanie Babies and other small stuffed toys, and she had quite a collection. She’d carry them around, always bringing one or two into my office each morning to keep me company. Her favorites were a hedgehog and a little bear. Olivia loves to sit in my lap, but Katy never would. She preferred sitting next to me always with a paw on my leg. Dinah liked sewing with me. Watching me sew held great fascination for her.

Max was an interesting cat character. He loved it when I brought him little stuffed mice to play with. They had a pompom nose, which he’d chew off immediately and that became his toy. He’d abandon the mouse and bat the red pompom all over the house.

Winfield loved cantaloupe and he always knew when I’d picked out a good one from the grocery store. If he could smell it, it was a good one and he’d always greet me in the kitchen hoping for a cantaloupe snack. If he didn’t come running when I’d return with a cantaloupe, I knew it wasn’t quite ripe.

Olivia fetches occasionally. Yup, she’ll bring me a toy to toss for her over and over again. She’s fickle. She has a favorite toy that she plays with constantly. But when she’s tired of it, it’s discarded and something else becomes her favorite. She’s afraid of the trash trucks, but so fascinated by them that she makes herself sit on the window perch to watch them rumble past. She’s a quiet cat, but when she has something to say she can be quite chatty.

What are your cat’s cutest or oddest quirks?

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