Feline Fun Friday – How Does Your Cat Do Christmas?

There are a lot of pictures and cartoons and jokes showing cats climbing or knocking down a Christmas tree. We’ve never had a cat do that, but we’ve had cats that adored Christmas—and loved to explore and become familiar with some of the decorations I’d put up during the season. Because of cats, I’ve had to change up my way of decorating—no tinsel, of course, like in the 50s and 60s. No angel hair. (Do they even make or sell it anymore?) And in my world, no ribbons and bows on packages. Yup, I had a cat who ate them. And when you have a cat with that desire or habit, you learn that you’d probably better not trust any future cats around bows and ribbon. I’ve discovered flat, 3-D bows that you can stick onto a package. This makes for easier stacking of presents and transporting of gifts, but it doesn’t quite provide the presentation a pretty bow made of ribbon does.

Does your cat think your nativity display is for him to curl up with? Maybe she just likes to sit and stare at the twinkling Christmas tree lights. If she’s like many cats, she’ll begin sleeping under the tree like the gift that she is. But I think most cats these days  have the most fun participating in the joys of the holidays through the frequent deliveries—the boxes and the packaging materials—oh my!

I feel for those cat owners who happen to have a cat that adores the holiday season so much that he tears into the neatly wrapped packages under the tree. Some cats just can’t resist clawing into the paper and tissue.

How does your cat do Christmas, as a bystander in awe of all the sparkles and glitter or as a participant in making your holidays just a bit topsy-turvy?


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