Meowy Monday – New Klepto Cat Mystery

Klepto Cat Mystery book Number 67 debuts this week. This is the 13th book published through Matilija Press this year. In case you’ve lost count, we’ve produced 7 Klepto Cat Mysteries and 6 Calico Cat Mysteries in 2023. Look for the next Calico Cat mystery in January. Here’s the description of Book 67—Rags Digs Up the Past:

Fasten your seatbelt for an exciting ride with Rags.

Rags uncovers items from the long-forgotten past and reveals what could be a wrongly solved crime. This is a story of intrigue and long-held secrets. Leave it to Rags to expose the facts and lead the charge to deciphering them. In the end the truth comes to the surface, but it takes Rags to identify the culprits. In this story, Rags also saves a friend from terrorist threats, he rescues a playful trickster and his cat, and he reveals the identity of an animal poacher.

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