Feline Fun Friday – How to Keep Your Cat at Home

Do you let your cat outside? Many of us did back in the day and that has changed for most of us. But we still see cats roaming in our neighborhoods, hiding out under parked cars, wandering through empty lots and sleeping under shrubs. Recently a neighbor’s cat wandered too far away and was lost for a full three weeks. Everyone kept an eye out for the cat, when suddenly, out of the blue three weeks later he walked into his house as if nothing had happened.

As a reward, his human grandpa bought him a window-perch hammock and this, and maybe whatever experiences he had while he was gone, have kept him home ever since. Now, instead of going out exploring every day, he just relaxes in his hammock watching the world through the window.

What else can you do to keep your cat from wandering? Build her a catio. It could be simple and small or elaborate and large. I know of one that includes an elevated screened in walkway that weaves in amongst trees through an orchard—yes above ground. Such fun for the adventuring cat. Provide greater enrichment for your cat indoors with cat trees and toys. Cardboard boxes are also intriguing for some cats. I used to make houses and mazes with boxes for our cats. Play with your cat more—she’ll begin to look forward to those one-on-one activities.

The best way to keep a cat inside is to start from day one—make it a rule. Just never let the cat out. I’ve had just one cat out of around 15 who refused to stay inside. She didn’t go out much, but she simply HAD to have her outdoor time.


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  1. JAN WOLFE says:

    it really aggravates me that many people think they “can’t keep their cat in” because “they want to go out”. NO. They may think they want to go out but it is really NOT necessary. If you think they need to go out, train them to a leash. Safety is better than letting them loose. I have trained a few cats to harnesses and a leash. It’s not that hard. I have two examples that occurred recently. One of my three cats slipped out without my seeing him and he spent the night out of the lanai. I called for him the next morning and he did not appear. I soon discovered one of his “brothers” hissing and carrying on looking out of the screen. There was Otis. He came in but boy, he was not welcomed by the other 2. It took a full day for them to decide Otis belonged. All is well now but I have to be more on guard about his slick slipping act. Then there was my neighbor who had just moved into a house near me. She came to me crying because her cat got out and didn’t know the neighborhood. Well, the cat came back. Great! However, the owner now LETS the cat out! That is just crazy. Why all the tears over the cat being out at first and now being let out deliberately!!! Crazy !

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