Paws Up for Wednesday – The Million Cat Challenge

Monday, we discussed the effect the pandemic had on the feral cat (and house cat) population. It was dire.

Have you heard of the million cat challenge launched in 2014? This was an attempt to save a million cats in five years, and over a thousand shelters participated. How? Each shelter operator did their part to save kittens, either by taking the cat in and finding an appropriate home or, in some cases, they didn’t even admit the cat or kitten—they worked in the field to make sure the cat was safe. I imagine this would include educating cat owners, spaying and neutering cats and returning them to a neighborhood where they would be cared for. As we’ve discussed, there are many ways to save or help cats and kittens.

To learn more about this successful challenge check it out here: One thing you’ll learn is that this project was headed up by a UC Davis fund, the University of Florida, and others. It’s heartwarming and encouraging to know the possibilities of an effort like this.


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