Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s a Klinefelter Cat?

Klinefelter is actually a syndrome. You’ve heard of it before, but maybe not by that name. I actually stumbled across the term this week by accident. So what does it mean? It’s the term for a male cat that happens to have calico or tortoiseshell markings.

Have you heard of a Caliby or a Torbico? These are names for calicos or torties with tabby markings. Then there’s the calamanco (a tortie) or the clouded tiger (another name for calico).

Here’s another cat-related name I’ve never heard of—Grimalkin. It’s a term for an old female cat.

I think you know that in Britain, a cat is affectionately called a Mogie. That is a cat of no particular breed.

Here’s a fun website listing cat term puns—you know like those I use in my book titles—like Pawful, Purrfect, Clawful, pawsome, meowmoirs.

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  1. Why can’t I get any book downloaded to my iPad so I may read it?

    • Patricia says:

      Hello Joyce, I don’t know about the mechanics of the Kindle or downloading books to your iPad. Try researching the problem on Google or maybe check with Amazon or ask a friend (or a young person) to help with the download). I sure hope you can get it worked out so you can enjoy Olivia’s new Christmas story.

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