Feline Fun Friday – Having Fun on the Book Promotion Trail

Writers wear many hats. We write, of course. That’s primarily what I signed up for when I became a writer over 50 years ago. But I quickly learned that being a published author also means being a researcher, interviewer, imaginative story-builder, editor, reader, keen observer, open-minded listener, foreseer, wordsmith, and definitely an aware and diligent promoter.

Gosh, now that I see this laid out in front of me, I realize why I need a nap after a day of writing. I’m using a lot of parts of my brain and my awareness.

And once the book is finished, it’s time to promote it through my social media groups, word of mouth, this blog, of course, but I might also do book signings, blog tours, send out a newsletter, and more. I talk about my books everywhere I go, for example.

As you can see, being an author isn’t a straightforward activity. It’s a business as well as a craft. It takes both sides of your brain to do it right. And over 125 published books later, I still enjoy the process.

So what’s happening in the Klepto and Calico Cat mystery factory? We just published Olivia’s book 17—her first Christmas story. Book 67 of the Klepto Cat Mystery series came back days ago with suggestions from my beta reader, and I’ve finished with the final proofing. Next it goes to my formal editor. Meanwhile I have a good start on creating Olivia’s book 18.

Fans, if all goes well, we may publish 13 books this year.

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