Feline Fun Friday – National Black Cat Day

Today, Friday, October 27, 2023 is National Black Cat Day. I think we all know why we need to promote such a day—still, black cats are too common to be special  (in the minds of many people). They are the most overlooked cats in shelters and litters. And some say they’re the most abused of all cats—sad as it may seem.

October is also considered black cat awareness month, and did you know that black cats are associated with Scorpio in the zodiac calendar? Libra is also sensitive to the black cat, according to what I read this morning. And did you know that Aquarians perhaps have the most cat-like personalities of all the signs. Also in the running are Capricorn, Leo (of course), and Pisces.

I was disappointed that my sign (Gemini) wasn’t mentioned in this article. So I went on a search to find out why. I learned that the best pet for a Gemini (in some “expert’s” views) is a parrot. No-no-no. I’d say there’s too much competition there for this to be a good match or a good mix. So I kept researching.

Finally I found it. The most cat-like of all zodiac signs is the Gemini because of the curiosity factor, for one thing.

So there it is, folks—proof that if you want it badly enough, you just have to keep searching the Internet and surely you’ll find it.

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