Meowy Monday – Cats in Shelters

When’s the last time you visited an animal shelter or a cattery? I’ve done so many times over my life. I’ve visited, I’ve volunteered, I’ve socialized, I’ve adopted. I think most of us have. Last week I visited our local human society shelter and, of course, spent some time with the cats and kittens. I was pleased to see many upgrades in the facility, including great new pens and cat trees, and penthouses and toys for the cats. And the cats and kittens were all in great condition and happy to have visitors.

It’s always sad to see cats in cages—cats no one wants—cats waiting for a home—and that yearning in their eyes for a kind human who will give them a forever home. It’s difficult to leave them after meeting them.

For those of you in the Ventura County area, here are pix of some of the cats waiting for homes at the Ojai facility. For those in other areas, maybe it’s time to visit your favorite shelter and adopt one of the wonderful cats you find there.

I can tell you that some of my best cats came from shelters, including Olivia—the star of my Calico Cat Mysteries. And there was PomPom, Dinah, Misty, Carlie, Mandy, Maggie, Daisy—and the list goes on. No, I didn’t come home with a cat or a kitten during my visit last week, but I hope the time is right for some of you to do so.

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