Meowy Monday—Happy Cat Month

How can we resist paying attention to Happy Cat Month? We all want our cats to be happy. In fact we go to great lengths to make sure our cats are happy—keeping their food coming, making sure they get plenty of petting and other attention, accommodating their whims (“Move, Mommy, so I can lie next to you—or in your spot” or “toss my feather-ball toy. I want to chase my feather-ball toy.”)

What about treats? I think every cat person’s favorite part of the day is treat time because treats make our cats sooooo happy.

I want to plan a little get-away and I was considering making it tomorrow. However, I heard that our next door neighbors are starting a construction project that day—yes, on the side right next to our house and Olivia does not like that kind of noise. I’ll be staying home to comfort her.

I’ll probably also bring out a little catnip while the pounding and scraping is going on. Catnip puts Olivia in her happy place and when Olivia’s happy, Mama’s happy.

What makes your cat happy?

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