Paws Up for Wednesday – What’s Happening in the Cozy Mystery Factory

We work full-time around here and just about every day of the year. So what’s going on here this month? We just got Olivia’s Book 16 back from the editor, and we’re putting the final touches on that book. Meanwhile, I have finished the first rough draft of Book 66 of the Klepto Cat Mysteries, That means we’ll most likely publish a new Calico Cat Mystery around the first part of October with a new Klepto Cat Mystery following later in the month.

To date this year, we’ve published 9 books for your reading pleasure. We’ve taken you to Greece, on a mountain adventure, to a very special wedding and we’ve introduced new characters, including an old owl and a lot of kittens.

Olivia and Rags have been working and playing hard while helping people and animals in these charming cozies. Be sure to catch up on both series—there may be another beloved holiday story on the horizon. I know that you readers love a touching holiday story.

What is our goal for the year here in the factory? We’ll definitely hit 10 published books this year—maybe more and we plan the same for next year. We hope to continue bringing you sweet and sassy mysteries that make you laugh and touch your heart strings. Why? Because we have such a wide base of fans hungry for more of Olivia and Rags, and because I’m having the time of my life creating these stories for you.

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