Feline Fun Friday – Celebrate an Orange Tabby Day

Today is Ginger Cat Appreciation Day. Have you ever had an orange tabby—or ginger cat? I’ve known several. Most of them I’ve known are wonderful pets—mellow and sweet, clever and funny—real people cats.

I knew one nasty beast of a ginger cat. Oh, was he a terror. His family loved him, but he terrorized the neighborhood—inviting petting, then attacking with vengeance. He attacked children and he even broke into a house and assaulted an elderly cat that was napping. Were we ever glad when that family and that cat moved out of our neighborhood.

Did you know that all orange cats are tabbies and that there is no orange tabby or ginger cat breed. However, there are orange tabbies in many breeds—Maine coon, Persian, British shorthair, American curl, Turkish angora and more.

Here’s another interesting tidbit about the ginger cat: seventy-five percent of orange tabbies are male.

If you have a ginger cat or know one, how about giving him or her a special treat or hug or an affectionate scratch around the neck this week.




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