Paws Up for Wednesday—Heroic Cats

We all love a good happy-ending story. When it involves cats—even BETTER. Here’s a site featuring 13 stories of real-life cat heroes.

Cats will often stand up for us or for a child that’s being bullied by another cat, another child or a dog. A cat named Tara sure didn’t just stand by when her person was attacked by a dog. She went after the dog, who quickly ran off.

A cat named Tom actually alerted his human to the fact that she had a form of cancer. She was so concerned about the way her cat was behaving that she took him to the vet. It was the vet who suggested maybe the cat was trying to tell her something. A doctor visit confirmed—the cat had accurately diagnosed her cancer.

Maybe you’ve read about the cat that found an abandoned baby in a box and climbed into it with the baby, keeping it warm until it was rescued. This cat actually saved the baby’s life and maybe vice versa.

There are cats that have alerted their family to a fire in the house, and those that have called attention to an ailing family member who needed help.

Some cats save lives or restore lives simply by being—has there ever been a time in your life when a cat companion seemed to come along just when you needed that kitty-cat love and affection and support? There are many instances where a cat and a human connect just when they needed that connection the most. In fact, I believe all cats are heroes—how many cats in your life have given you an emotional or even physical boost just be being a part of your life? Here’s the link to heroic cats. Enjoy.


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