Paws Up for Wednesday – Are Cats Misunderstood?

There are new studies out revealing that cats are, perhaps, more attuned to us than we realized. Well, those of us with cats know that some cats are definitely not the typical aloof cats we hear and read about. As it turns out, the majority of cats actually like us hoomans. They bond with us, rely on us, trust us, and depend on us for all of their needs—including their emotional needs.

However, cats typically bond most closely with one person in a family and that’s generally the person who interacts with them most from the beginning of their introduction into the family. So if you want all of the cat attention in your home, you must put in the effort. Spend time with the cat even if it means talking to him and playing with him as he hides under a dresser or a bed. Feed the cat, groom her, ease your way into the cat or kitten’s graces with your time and attention and you’ll likely be the chosen one.

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