Meowy Monday—CatCon 2023

I attended a large cat event in Southern California years ago—the forerunner of the now famous and popular CatCon, perhaps. It was fascinating and fun meeting other cat people, learning about new cat products, picking up samples, and buying things. For those of you who enjoy such things, CatCon 2023 is coming up this weekend—August 5 and 6 in Pasadena, CA.

CatCon began in 2015. It was such a success that it has continued and grown every year since. What happens at CatCon? First, you might want to dress the part—like a cat, in cat-print clothes, shoes with cat faces, cat jewelry, carrying a stuffed cat, and don’t forget your cat ears.

Once there you will be treated to entertainment, product displays, demonstrations, art and more all related to cats. You might meet some cat celebrities—those cats made famous on the internet, celebrities who adore cats, cat influencers, and you’ll even have the opportunity to adopt a homeless cat or kitten.

What’s the point of CatCon? To educate people about the wonders of cats—yes you can even attend seminars. And in the end some of the most worthy cat charities will benefit. CatCon has donated over $350,000 to cat organizations and rescue groups.

It’s recommended you buy tickets ahead of time. The cost is from $40 to $150.

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