Feline Fun Friday – It’s National Adopt a Cat Month

Today I’d like to celebrate our adopted cats. Actually most of them are adopted, unless you’re a cat breeder or your cat had kittens and you kept one. What are some of the ways to adopt a cat? I’ve personally, I’ve bought cats at pet stores, I bought one from a breeder, I’ve adopted cats from friend’s litters and I once adopted one from a litter born at a nursery. Mostly I’ve adopted cats from local shelters.  I’ve also rescued cats I’ve found roaming free, and I’ve found cats in the most unlikely places.

Max’s mother brought him and his siblings over the back fence into our woodpile for safe-keeping. I took over with those kittens when they were weaned in order to keep them from becoming feral, like the mother cat. I kept Max and adopted out the other two.

Pom-Pom was a shelter kitten when I found and adopted her. Dinah and Maggie were each adults in shelters when I took them in.

I’ve had a lot of cats over my life and each came with a different story and in a different manner. And each of them brought something special into my life.

Isn’t it fun to reminisce about the cats you’ve loved? And by the way, if your home is too quiet and you’re not laughing a lot and tripping over a sweet fur-being, this might be the time for you to visit your local shelter and consider adoption one more time.


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  1. Pearl Hilden says:

    All, but two of our cats, showed up at our front door one day and eventually moved in. The Hilden Catateria was set up in the garage and the neighborhood cats got the word out to the others that there was free food!

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