Meowy Monday – International Hug Your Cat Day

Guess what, you get to hug your cat some more. Last week we celebrated National Hug Your Cat Day. Tomorrow is International Hug Your Cat Day, so I’d recommend continuing to give your cat precious hugs and snuggles (if she’ll let you) all week long.

Olivia isn’t a real hugger. She’ll rest an affectionate paw on me and she’s a great snuggler—but like most cats and especially most calicos, she snuggles when the mood strikes her, not necessarily on my whim. I have the kitty-cat snuggle whim all day long.

Here’s a link to some of the most adorable cat hugs you’ll ever see. Each hug even has a name, like the best-friends-forever hug and the impatient-kitten-hug (soooo cute). There’s even sleeping-cat-dance hug. Enjoy. And in case you’re interested, here’s a site listing the most affectionate cat breeds. Yes, this is worth checking out before you get another cat.

If your cat isn’t much of a hugger, make them look at these sites with you.

Frankly, while Olivia is a snuggler, on her terms, the only time she really hugs me is when she’s wresting with my arm—kicking it and biting like I’m one of her kick-toys. Sigh.

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