Paws Up for Wednesday – National Hug Your Cat Day

I mean who needs to be reminded to hug a cat? Isn’t it a reflex action? When your cat saunters up to you or you see a beautiful cat out and about, you just want to scoop them up and snuggle. At least you want to run your hands over that plush fur.

But every cat is different in their hugging or snuggling preferences. First, they choose the time for a snuggle. Some cats could sit in a lap nonstop all day long every day. Others stay out of laps, but want to be close enough to touch you—lean up against you or just lay a paw on you.

There are cats who hug their human’s neck, ride around on their shoulders, or just want to snuggle against their cheek. Ohhh, that’s sweet. And some cats show their affection from a distance. You try to hold them and they squeeze out from your grip like a water balloon. These cats might love you oodles and gobs, but from a distance. They sit close and stare into your face, doing the slow blink to show their affection.

Most cats are probably a combination of these things depending on their mood. Well, tell your precious fur-baby that today is National Hug Your Cat Day and you intend following suit and getting in at least a couple of yummy hugs.

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