Meowy Monday – The Cashmere Bengal and Other Exotic Cats

Have you met the new Bengal on the block? It’s the cashmere Bengal and are they gorgeous! They’re the long-hair version of the exotic Bengal and they come in a variety of patterns and colors, brown, silver, and snow and these might be mink marbled or silver spotted or lynx spotted. Oh the choices. I want to bring them all home.

Not only are they beautiful, their medium long fur is soft, fine and not likely to mat, plus there’s apparently minimal shedding.

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Believe it or not cashmere Bengals do exist naturally, but they’re rare.

I wondered what is the rarest breed of cat. Have you heard of the Sokoke? This cat is also known as African shorthair and Sokoke forest cat. This is a natural breed that some say might include the Egyptian Mau. A litter of these seemingly naturally friendly cats were found in Kenya in 1977 and are some of the rarest cats around and most expensive. Here’s more about the Sokoke.

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