Feline Fun Friday

We talked about books on Wednesday. Today I’d like to tell you about a few sites I found for those of you who adore cats and cat stories and information. Here, you’ll find a list of names for your new kitten—all of them representative of flowers. How fun. Have you ever had a flower-name for a cat? I had Lily, which is one of the top names for cats. How many cats named Lily have you known? There’s Petunia—I like that one. Oh, I also named a cat Pansy, once because as a kitten her little face looked like a pansy. There’s Rose—I named a cat Rosie. What about Daffy (for daffodil), or Violet…There are hundreds of sweet possibilities. And you’ll find many of them at this site.

You’ll also learn such things as, what’s the difference between a feral cat and a stray cat, do cats get jealous, smart things cats do, where should you put the litter box… Enjoy: https://www.dailypaws.com/

And you must visit https://www.meowlove.com Oh, the touching stories here. There’s enough meow love at this site to make your day and many days to come. They include a cat climbing a fire escape to find a home, cats that went from feral to snuggly and friendly in a day, cats bonding with each other under unusual circumstances. There’s a lot of meow-love out there and you’ll find a big helping of it at this site.


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