Meowy Monday– International Rescue Cat Awareness

March is International Rescue Cat Awareness Month. This month you might consider familiarizing yourself with the good work that your local cat shelters do to save cats that need rescuing. Currently there are reported to be 3,500 animal shelters and sanctuaries in the US and 10,000 rescue groups. That’s a whole lot of people working to protect and save cats and also dogs. It’s sad to know that we need that many hard-working full time people to try fixing what we, as a nation/world, have broken—our commitment to our domestic animals.

Let me say, thank you to all of the hardworking angels in cat and dog rescue. And thank you to those of you I’m reaching with this blog who do the right thing by the animals you take into your home—have them spayed/neutered, if they have a litter take responsibility for placing the offspring in homes with reliable care, keep your pets contained (dogs behind fences, cats indoors), visit your veterinarian regularly—especially when the animal is injured or sick, take all of your pets with you when you move—don’t leave them behind.

Some of you are horrified to think that anyone would have to make these suggestions for the care of pets, but we also all know that not everyone is aware. Pets are allowed to roam free in potential danger. Some have litter after litter without their humans taking responsibility for the pups or kittens.

By the way, you might also donate to your local shelters, volunteer items they need, and if you can find other ways to thank shelter directors, staff, and volunteers, do so. These are the people who are doing their best to right the wrong so many of us have participated in.

If you’re not in a position to do any of the above—all you can do is maybe write a thank you to your local shelter directors—let me know and I’ll send you a pack of Olivia’s note cards to use for this purpose.

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