Feline Friday – New Klepto Cat Mystery

Rags helps solve a neighborhood mystery.

Neighbors are missing things and Rags is being accused. But who or what is leaving valuable items on random porches? Even local sheriff’s deputies are stymied. Meanwhile, the Iveys and Rags rush to save a sweet neighborhood cat and an abused dog that have been callously injured, and Margaret uses Rags to convict a woman she knows to be back in the business of exploiting innocent cats. This story also features some humorous and some touching moments that Rags’s fans won’t want to miss.

This book was published Feb. 28, 2023. Purchase your print or kindle copy at Amazon.com NOW

Reader Reviews

“This is a fantastic series and Rags is a super cat.”

“Patricia Fry’s books never disappoint.”

“This is a phenomenal series.”

“I always look forward to each Rags mystery to see what he’s going to get into next.”

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