Paws Up for Wednesday – Your Cat’s Favorite Sleeping Place

Is your cat a cozy sleeper or does she prefer sprawling on hard surfaces? Don’t you love seeing pictures of cats sleeping in unusual and usually quite cozy places—the laundry basket or amidst your knitting project, under the blankets in the bed, among a smattering of stuffed animal toys, on a plush blanket or winter coat, in a pajama drawer, on the sofa or recliner chair, or on her person. That’s my favorite scenario—Olivia snoozing either on top of me or right next to me.

I wonder, though, why she won’t sleep in a cat bed or on a cozy blanket. She just won’t. She actually chooses my desktop or a stack of my books or a current work project which is on a hard surface. I suppose that’s because it’s close to me.

We have two cozy cat beds, which I place near our wall heater and not one of our most recent cats has used it. Even catnip doesn’t entice them to use the cat beds. For Olivia, maybe she declines to use them for the same reason she won’t play with our basket of cat toys—they belonged to other cats before her. Well, I washed the cat beds and still she stays clear of them.

She will occasionally curl up in the cubbies in our cat trees, though, and those were used by several former cats. Or she’ll snooze in one of her tunnels. Many times, however, she simply prefers sleeping on hard surfaces, except at night and she will sleep with me on my bed–every night.

I see cat beds while out shopping and come so close to buying one for Olivia, but would it be a waste of money? Probably. Cats can be set in their ways.

Where’s the most unusual place your cat sleeps? Or the cutest position she gets into when sleeping? While doing a little research for this post, I came across a couple of sites with pictures of cat sleeping positions and their meaning. These are entertaining and enlightening. Enjoy!

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