Paws Up for Wednesday – Unique Ways to Help Homeless Cats

Many people do what they can to help promote the characteristics of cats because they believe that to know a cat is to love a cat. And the more people who love a cat, the fewer cats are left homeless.

I write to help cats—to promote cats and kittens to people who already love cats, of course, but also to help those who have never known a cat to take another look at them—give them a chance to make an impression. I used to write nonfiction—articles for magazines—and I often wrote about various ways to help or care for cats. Now I write cozy mysteries with cats, showing what cats are capable of (with a little exaggeration here and there—well, it is fiction.) Through my writing I demonstrate the ways of the cat–the allure, the intrigue, the charm.

The internet has become a huge showcase for cats—showing off the variety of cat-types, which celebrities have cats, what cats accomplish during their nine-lives, cute things they do, important things they do, how fun being with a cat can be, how much comfort a cat can provide, the interesting things you can do with a cat.

Science is more interested in cats than ever before, so we have the opportunity to learn more about our cats—why they do what they do, what makes them tick and purr and show emotion.

People have stepped up in many ways to publicly help the image of the cat which, I dare say, has resulted in more cats being adopted. Manufacturers design household items, clothing (shoes, socks, sweaters, scarves, mittens…), jewelry and more depicting cats or with cat motif. And calendars. There are many cat calendars—I was given two this year and bought another few. But the one I think that will make the biggest splash this year is the Australian, firemen calendar. Surely you’ve heard about this calendar by now. A dozen hot firemen are posing with kittens. Their goal, to find homes for 200 cats and kittens that need care and love.

And I believe that all of this is turning more people into cat people, only along with this eagerness to know cats and to have cats there needs to be education so that we continue moving in the direction of rescuing those that are here already, needing a home, spaying/neutering cats before they bring more cats into the world, keeping them safe indoors, giving them plenty of enrichment, and making sure they regularly see their veterinarian.

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