Feline Fun Friday—Cat Hair Hats For Your Cat

ImageSay what? Yes, there is such a thing.

What do you do with your cat’s shed? Do you clean the comb or brush and toss away the fur? I had a friend who saved her cats’ fur and rolled it into tight little balls for them to play with.

I save my cats’ fur for the birds. No kidding, birds will use cat and dog hair in making some of the coziest nests for their young.

You can also use cat hair in your garden, to sop up oil spills, to felt, spin, or knit into craft projects and wearable items, in making fishing flies or jewelry. You didn’t know cat hair could be so versatile, did you?

There’s a new book out showing how to collect and treat and use your cat’s fur to make striking and funky headdresses for your cats. In case you didn’t know that cats wear hats, here’s a site with tons of pictures of cats in hats. Move over Dr. Suess, there’s more than one cat in a hat.


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