Meowy Monday — Your Cats’ Daily Schedule

If your cat’s like Olivia, she sets the schedule around the household, not you. Some days Olivia’s up at the crack of dawn with me ready to play and interact and explore the world’s possibilities. Other days she sleeps in and doesn’t show her pretty face until the sun is high in the sky and the birds outside her favorite window are active.

Some mornings she wants to hide out and chill privately. Other times she’s all about cuddling and teasing and getting bunches of cheek scratches and tiny kisses all over her face. Some experts, however, believe there should be a kitty-cat daily schedule—a time for awakening, a time for play, a time to clean the litter box and refresh the water bowls, etc. Here’s the link to the schedule if you’d like to take a look and maybe discuss it with your cat.

Let me know how close you and your cat come to keeping a schedule like this. Olivia and I fail on most counts. Oh, we get things done, but pretty much on our own terms—or should I say Olivia’s terms and time table and mood.


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