Feline Fun Friday – Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day

Here’s something you might want to prepare for. Sunday is “Answer Your Cat’s Questions” day. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your cat is curious. Throughout a typical day she expresses her curiosity in many ways. It’s obvious that she’s inquisitive about anything new that you bring into the house, the contents of a box left by the delivery person, what’s under the blanket you just laid across the sofa, and what makes her mechanical or motion toys do what they do.

If she could vocalize her curiosity she might ask, “Why do you get angry when I try to do what comes natural to me and claw that pretty chair in the living room?” “Why can’t I nibble on that plant on the windowsill?” “Why can’t I go outside and chase those birds?”

Yes, I’m sure cats have questions, but so do we. Wouldn’t you like to know what life was like for your cat before you adopted her, rescued her, or bought her? Does she know at some level what her ancestors went through as they developed into the most popular household pet in the world? I think most of us can look into our cat’s eyes and see a knowingness that we’ll never quite understand. Do they carry some level of knowledge in their DNA that speaks to the plight of cats as they found their way out of the wilds and into our hearts?

Maybe I should launch “Ask Your Cats a Question Day.” Only would they grace us with the answers even if they do remember? Or would they keep us guessing? Isn’t that one of the allures of the cat? You know they know stuff, but they aren’t going to tell us about it.

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