Meowy Monday – A Cat By Any Other Name

If you read a lot about cats and follow cats on social media, you’ve probably heard some of the strange words used to describe or reference cats. A clowder, for example (or a clutter) refers to a group of cats. More than one kitten together is a litter or a kindle. And, of course, an untamed cat is a feral cat.

But do you know what a bean is, when related to a cat? Have you heard the term “making biscuits?” What about pawdicure and pawtograph?

Those of you who have read or even seen my books know that I choose some interesting and fun words to use in my titles. Some of them are made up, but most people who are tuned into cats will know immediately what the word means, like pawsome, CATastrophe, purrsuit, whiskerful, pawtner, and pawsitively. Yes, I do have fun with words—outside the box.

Well guess what, I’m not the only one. I found a dictionary of cat slang terms and I thought I’d share it with you. Included are words like pawdicure, floofy, cattitude, catio (enclosure for cats who want to go outside), toe beans, and zoomies (when a cat tears around the house with abandon).

I think you’ll enjoy this site. And you might even come up with some of your own cat terms. If you do be sure to share them with me. I’m always open to new and different cat slang to use in my writing.

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