Feline Fun Friday – Some Interesting January Cat Holidays

Take your pick on which cat holidays you want to observe this week. Tomorrow is Dress Your Pet Day. Does your cat have a wardrobe—maybe a tutu or a cape? What about a harness?

People are more inclined to dress dogs than they are cats and I think we all know why. The reason is more about the cats than the person. You might have a desire to slip an adorable bonnet on your cat, but how many cats do you know that would tolerate it?

I said I know people who dress their cats—well, I’ve seen cats all dressed up at Cat Writers Association conferences I’ve attended, and at cat shows. I vividly remember meeting one cat who was with a woman in a wheelchair. Both were dressed for high tea with the queen. The cat even wore a fancy hat and glasses and carried a handbag. Can you imagine it? Adorable.

I know people who dress their dogs every single day. It’s cute, but…a little odd to me.

Another holiday I didn’t see coming is Kiss a Ginger Day. That occurred January 12th. No worries, if you have a ginger cat, you can celebrate this every day of the year.

Kiss a Ginger Day actually came about to celebrate red-headed children who were sometimes being teased or worse because of their hair color. There’s quite a history of fear and abuse around people with red hair. International Kiss a Ginger Day was started in 2009 to honor people with red hair, but of course the cat is going to get in on the fun. So if you know a special ginger cat, it’s never too late to express your love.

Here’s a site celebrating some of the most well known ginger cat influencers. But don’t forget Garfield and Morris.


Next week we celebrate National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day so be thinking about what you your cat might be asking you.

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2 Responses to Feline Fun Friday – Some Interesting January Cat Holidays

  1. My cats almost murdered me when I put a collar on them. If I try dressing them up, might as well write a will.

    My cats have declared that any day I take them to the vet is mudrer the vet day.

    And there’s always mouse day, when I work in the living room and suddenly see a dead mouse dragged in by my Princessa, mewing like a lunatic.

    Oh, and don’t forget crazy cat day, and hissing at each other day, everyday in my house. Welcom to the mad house.

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