Feline Fun Friday – Cat Toys That Aren’t Toys

What are some of your cats’ favorite toys? Our Lily used to love, love, love small stuffed toys—like the old Beany Babies. She had a basket full of them and she’d carry these toys around and drop them here and there throughout the day—decorating the house. She’d also bring me her favorite ones each morning and drop one or more at my feet, always with a sweet “Prrrt!” Lily also enjoyed diving under newspaper tents and rolling up in newspaper pages.

Max chewed the red pom-pom noses off the little mice we bought him to play with. He’d reject the toy and play with the pom-pom.

Sophie liked paper. She wanted to sleep on paper—often shredding it and making herself a bed. She also retrieved the faxes that came through at our house, and she’d sometimes shred it before I could read it.

Olivia has a small empty water bottle she plays with a lot. She seems to like the crackle sounds it makes when she squeezes it and rolls around with it. She also likes empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls and wads of paper.

Twister ties are a favorite toy of some cats, and pony tail scrunchies. Our cats like to bat around pens and small batteries. I also had a cat that was attracted to buttons and zippers on my clothes She’d sit on my lap and play with the zipper pull for the longest time.

What toys that aren’t toys does your cat play with?



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2 Responses to Feline Fun Friday – Cat Toys That Aren’t Toys

  1. Karen Williams says:

    Abbee likes to bring me a red sock when she comes looking for me, when I leave the room (for whatever reason). She loves to bat around Fall leaves, when they come indoors, so I bought a catnip red leaf (felted) for her. She has a few Pom poms that she bats around occasionally. She also likes to rub her face on my emery boards and them knock them to the floor.

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