Meowy Monday – Interesting Cats in the News

I came across some interesting news reports featuring cats this week. Here are a few you might be interested in.

  • California and Delaware are two states planning bans against declawing cats simply for the convenience of the owner. Yay! (I say that even though we have two chairs needing reupholstering as we speak.) So do we live with cats and mangled chairs or no cats and pristine furniture? That’s a no brainer.
  • There’s a new cat café in Newport News, VA called Cups and Claws. Their goal, to help more cats get adopted.
  • A pet cat escaped from his crate in the Boston Airport and was finally caught and reunited with his family after three weeks.
  • I like this one: Bandit, a 20-pound calico cat living in Mississippi alerted his human that there was a problem early one morning. He meowed loudly. When that didn’t get the homeowner’s attention, he went into the bedroom and started clawing at the comforter as he slept. The man got up and followed the cat into the kitchen where he saw two men trying to break into his house. He was able to chase them away, but only thanks to Bandit.
  • Here’s a cute video of cats trying to break into a museum in Japan. Oh my gosh, are they relentless.
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