Paws Up for Wednesday – What is Your Cat Saying to You?

We’d all like to better understand our cats. That’s why some of us research and write books and post blogs featuring cats and most of us read those books and blog posts, as well as articles and news stories related to cats. We get their DNA tested, discuss intricate cat issues with our veterinarians, and even consult cat psychics and psychologists. One thing few people understand, however, is the cat’s meow. What does meow, mew, mauwww, mew-mew, actually mean? Here’s a site that discusses this issue.’s-Meow

Of course we generally understand when our cat is asking for food, wants someone to play with or pet her, wants in or out, etc. Olivia lets me know when she wants a window open and when she’d like a bit of catnip. We’ve had cats ask for treats—usually at treat time. And there are times when a cat will come tell you when something is wrong—there’s a squirrel in the yard or another cat or dog, for example. We had a cat that checked his kibbles and water bowls each night as we prepared for bed. If they were full, he’d go on to bed. If not, he’d sit in front of them and wait for us to walk by so he could tell us there was a problem. He was a good communicator.

Would you believe that there are now apps where you can record your cats meow and get an interpretation? And there’s a reverse app that translates your words into cat language—“stop” for example, which you would use when the cat is digging in a plant or clawing a chair or something. For more information visit:

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